Hello, my name is Malin!

Education and work
After I graduated secondary school in 2012 I worked in a restaurant and did classical singing until I started my studies in 2013. While I was working in the restaurant I learned a lot about the contact with clients, and through singing on stage I overcame my stage fright, which is very helpful now when holding presentations.
2013 I started studying communication design at the university of design in Schwäbisch Gmünd. After the basic studies, I focused on the subjects exhibition and interaction design as well as knowledge transfer. From this time on I was passionate about exhibitions and how to bring life into information. Exhibition design fascinates me as it transfers knowledge by involving space. Sharing knowledge and information, whether through an exhibition or print and digital mediums, is always a possibility for me to get insights in various fields and to learn something new. 
In 2015 until 2016 I worked at Christian Weisser Design Studio during my practical semester and got a glimpse of how the working day of a designer looks like in a design agency. I had a great area of responsibility, polishing my photoshop skills by creating key-visuals, getting more into editorial design and learn the process of editing by creating a christmas card, using embossing and foil cut finishings.
Now since 2017 I have my bachelors degree in communication design. Since then I have been self-employed not only to get various work experience but also to push some of my projects further into realization – like the project about depression and mental health in school.
And when I am not working?
Since I was a child and sang in the childrens choir of the Stuttgart state opera, I have been studying classical singing with my privat teacher Hildemarie Keim, a former professor from the State University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart. Music and Art are a source of inspiration to me and are mirrored in some of my work. 
To keep my inner balance I love to do horseback riding and doing groundwork with (mostly stubborn) horses. The work with horses taught me to always work on myself and it helped me strengthening my perseverance. Maybe that is one of the reasons why I can always stay calm and be very precise while working.
Vielen Dank!
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