Le sacre du printemps

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To understand different forms and what functions they can have, audio-visual design had the task to visualize a music piece but just with geometrical forms.
For me personally, the music piece had to be a complex system worth to visualize. So my team and I chose Igor Stravinsky‘s “Le sacre du printemps”. We thought of a didactically approach, to make an easy understanding of the complex musical structure like rhythm, instruments and dynamic. Our target groups are high school students but also college students and those interested in classical music. 
The musical score was the foundation on which we constructed our animation in Cinema4D. Therefore every instrument from the musical score was animated and integrated into a tunnel in C4D. Fine-tuning as well as the intro and closing credits were made in After Effects.
We processed the parameters: tone pitch, tone length, volume and rhythm. 
The finished music video can be watched additionally to the musical score. If you work with the triangle codes, like you can see in the adjusted score, than it is easier to follow each instruments and it leads to a better understanding of the musical score.
In cooperation with Franziska Gleichauf, Alisa Kostenko and Oliver Morgan. 
Supervisor: Prof. Michael Götte, Sehic Veldana
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