Industrial Coffe Company

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A coffee company which sells only to the oil and gas industries was looking for a fitting logo. It should include the work environment of an oil and gas industry worker and have a reference to coffee. The target group is male dominated, so the character of the logo should also be masculine and in a rustic style.

I focus on my two main designs, one of them in a clear and geometrical style, the other design is in a vintage look with a character to identify with. Both designs include the working environment of an oil and gas industry worker like, for example, the drilling platform. The vintage design is all about the hard workers at the oil/gas platforms and the coffee is a symbol for a well-deserved break. On the other hand the clear design plays with the combination of industry and coffee. Instead of a platform in the ocean, we have a platform that is drilling its black gold out of a coffee cup. The coffee, as the oil source, is also metaphorical because oil and gas is used for energy like coffee is fuel for the hard workers.
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