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On the Editorial Design Conference 2015 in Munich, I participated in the workshop MagFight. In this workshop we had to choose between Web and Magazine and than workout all of the benefits of either digital or print.
As I had a lot of digital projects, I wanted to gain more experience with the print medium and InDesign.
The workshop lasted for two days. Within those two days we had to make a magazine under the issue Metropolitan Idea. On the first day we decided on the topics, format and font hierarchy. On the second day we went to the realization of the magazine.
We choose a broadsheet with a Japanese bookbinding method and the font Neuzeit. The topics we decided on were: Urban Gardening, glitterati, to-Go-culture, migration and typography within the urban image. To underpin the topics, and to show one more advantage of the print medium, we had some fold-out pages, and layouts where the reader had to turn the magazine. So we also had some "interaction". 

The magazine handles with each edition one metropolis and the target group are students and people above 20.
In cooperation with Susanne Bauer, Julia Subai, Armin Reinhold, Maria Bauer, Petra Kitzenberger.
Supervisor: Melanie Castillo
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