Der Sandmann

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The film workshop in the third semester taught how to work with a movie camera and also how to deal with Final Cut X and Adobe Premiere. Within two weeks small teams should make a teaser or short movie from the point of storytelling, camera work and light dramaturgy. 
The screenplay with the title Der Sandmann, is based on the novel of the same name from E.T.A. Hoffmann. The protagonist reads out of a storybook and plunges into the story. She witnesses the story of the sandman and awakens from the nightmare, when her cellphone rings. On the way to a party, the well-known melody of the children‘s show Der Sandmann rings out. It‘s an open end with the question, if the nightmare becomes reality.
The implementing was carried out with a Panasonic hand-camera. The sounds were partial set to music. Cutting and editing were made with Final Cut X.
In cooperation with Katrin Weeber, Melanie Rücker, Cindy Wentzel and Amelie Winkler.
Supervisor: Wolfgang Jung
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