Depression in school life

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This project is about strengthening the mental health and building empathy to fight depression. Especially teenage students struggle with mental health issues like depression or anxiety. With this project we not only want to make the students aware of mental problems, but also the teachers. 
During a day of action, the 8th and 9th grade students learn about mental health, what it is, what issues can occur and that the mental health can also be hurt just like the physical health. With the help of method cards, the social competence within a class should be strengthen, and difficult subjects like "depression" can be carefully approached. Considering that, the method box contains 55 method cards divided in 9 categories: basics, action, thinking, getting to know, cooperation, reflexion, games, perception and group dynamics. In addition to the cards, there is a cloud website to help with the searching and arranging of different methods.
The procedure of the action day is explained with a generic run on a poster. This poster should serve as an explanation of the procedure to fictive organizations and the school, respectively the teacher of the class.  In the poster there are different method cards suggested to serve a particular purpose, plus a station run so the students can metaphorically explore the subject "depression".
Regarding the design, it was important to show bright and friendly colors, concerning that mental health issues are often associated with dark colors. The categorization and hierarchy within the cards and the website are lucid and structured to allow a high usability. The icons and layouts are also adjusted to the clean concept, so the general appearance is well-rounded. 
The title means fair to cloudy and is derived from weather forecasts. I chose the title to give the heavy subject depression a lighter approach. Also it is comforting to know that the sun eventually will come after cloudy days, as a metaphor for depression. ​​​​​​​

•  Strengthening of social competence and empathy
•  Removal of taboos regarding mental health issues like depression
•  Getting more acceptance and tolerance in schools
Method Cards
There are 55 method cards divided in 8 categories to prevent problems like mobbing and strengthen the classroom community.
The cloud provides the teacher and social workers with teaching material and exercises. It is also a helpful tool to put together the right method cards, when a teacher/ social worker is for example working on a specific problem like bullying.
Day of Action
During the day of action, pupils can get a grasp of the complex thematic depression through a metaphorical station course. 
​​​​​​​In cooperation with Melanie Rücker and Amelie Winkler.
Supervisor: Prof. Michael Götte, Prof. Hans Krämer
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