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CycleCircle is an interactive ovulation calender for women who wish for a baby or who want an alternative contraception. 
The design is held clear for a good usability but still aesthetic with its color system and radial form. Going through the seasons we have Green for spring, Yellow/ Orange for Summer, Orange/ Red for Autumn and Blue for winter. 
Given that the calender is about ovulation, it has the parameters: temperature, menstruation, fertility, ovulation and infertility. So if a woman wants to know her menstruation days, she chooses the month with the parameter menstruation. The calender will zoom into the chosen month and highlight the menstruation days. 
The interaction of the calender are programmed in Adobe Flash Action Script 3.0. 
A difficulty within the topic "ovulation" is, that the female User needs a healthy and regular everyday flow, in order to have a dependable cycle.
The project CycleCircle was developed during the second semester in the subjects Programmed design II in cooperation with Programming II. 
Interaction in cooperation with Katrin Weeber.
Supervisor: Birgit Lorinser, Barbara Saga ​​​​​​​
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