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The task was to pick a phenomenon out of natural sciences and to build a website where the phenomenon is explained. During brainstorming within the team, it became clear that we want an informative website about a future relevant subject. So we took the phenomenon "fuel cell" and divided it in the themes: History of the fuel cell and other renewable energies, function of the fuel cell, practice in the field of motor industry, comparison between different renewable energies.
The topic was very technical and chemical, so the content should be easy explained and the style of the website has to unify the natural science character and a structural user friendly design. We tried one screen-design completely in 3D and one very reduced like a technical drawing. We decided, that the website should have a very clean design, and choose the technical drawing. The dark starry background is based on  levitating molecules. 
The Fuel Cell screen-design was made with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, the animations proceeded from Cinema4D to Flash and were then integrated into Muse.​​​​​​​
In cooperation with Joanna Leis and Melanie Rücker.
Supervisor: Prof. Andreas Teufel
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