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How to upgrade the significance of music lessons in school? Through qualitative lessons, which are adjusted to the non-specialist teachers needs, but also appeal to the students through a diversity of learning methods. 
The cross-medial learning package "sch! Musik", consisting a schoolbook, method box and website, meets the conditions for 5th and 6th grade students of the secondary education. 
The schoolbook covers the current curriculum and gives a base for the theoretical music knowledge. Through the structural and clean design, children won't be distracted and can concentrate on the content. In addition, the content can be practically experienced through exercises out of the method box, or interactive games or audios on the website. 
An important subject, which is discussed theoretically in the book and also with practical exercises in the box, is voice training. It is not only important to proper train a childs voice, but can also losen up the atmosphere during music lessons. 

•  teaching material that is also suited for teachers who are not trained to teach music 
•  practical and digital relevance should motivate pupils and helps to a lifelong learning
•  multifaceted topics like: evolution of music and instruments, history of music, music theory, vocal training, music and society
The schoolbook serves as contentual basis and covers the education plan. 
Method Box
Through the method cards, the pupils not only can strengthen their theoretical knowledge through practical exercises, but also learn how to warm up and train their voices. 
The website expands the content of the book by adding, for example media files and games as exercises. Also it serves as download platform for the exercises from the method cards.
In cooperation with Katrin Weeber.
Supervisor: Prof. Michael Götte, Prof. Dr. Dagmar Rinker
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